Dear all,
Just got confirmation that Japanese Government gave approval receiving Donation Charcoal to Tsunami victims under one condition: all shipment addressed to ICCA Japan (International Charcoal Cooperative Association). Yayasan Dian Tama will organized it in Indonesia. Now any charcoal is matter for Greater Tokyo citizens. For the last few days temperature drop to 4 – 5 Celcius.

You can donate Rp 85.000 for 10 kg box. Each 2000 cartons will be shipped and arrive in Tokyo port in the next 14 days. 1 carton can warm up 1 family for 16 hours in room 5 x 5 m2 . Timing is crucial here. For donation process you can transfer to BCA # 287 133 4589 – Johny Wijanta Utama.

For Humanity

Johnny Utama

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